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Housing Questions

All our beds are Queen Size (135 x 180)

When delivering the house the bed has a mattress, mattress cover, pillow, pillow cover, duvet and duvet cover. All washed by professional laundry prior to rental.

Normally students bring their own sheets and towels, but in case you want us to provide you with a new set of sheets you can purchase it at the time of booking.

All our homes have heating included in the price at no additional cost. Radiators are throughout the apartment, including bathrooms and every bedroom.

The heating is automatically switched on from 18:00 to 04:00 from 10 November to 10 March approximately.

All our homes have high-speed 2G and 5G WIFI Internet.

Internet use is unlimited.

Some of our homes have common areas and separate living room and others do not. Check the description of each room to know if it has a Shared Lounge or not.

The houses without shared lounge have individual private TV in all rooms and are much quieter apartments dedicated to study.

All our homes have in the bedroom:

Queen Size bed, wardrobe, hangers, study table, study chair, flexo, bedside table, lamp, mirror and coat rack.

In the kitchen there are all the necessary utensils for cooking and appliances.

You can consult the document with the complete inventory of each home on the pages of the same.

Question about rent

All our apartments are rented to university students, undergraduate students, erasmus, sicue or professionals in the field of education.

At the time of booking you will be added to a group of whatssap shared with the rest of the students to get to know each other prior to housing.

The minimum rental contract is 11 months, from September 1 to July 31.

In case the student continues in his room the next course, the month of August will be able to have it for free.

To book a room the student will have to make the reservation through our website, make the payment of the first monthly payment and sign the contract after sending all their data.

With these 3 steps the reservation is confirmed and the room is awarded for the chosen course.

Due to the recruitment costs we have, we do not have a free cancellation service. Therefore, once the reservation is made, it will be effective and there will be no refunds.

The options we offer in this case are two:

  • Change the reservation for any other of our rooms available for that course or successive.
  • Find another replacement student directly in the room you have booked. In this way your full reservation will be returned.

The amount of the deposit was initially 2 monthly payments but has been simplified and reduced to 500 euros. At the time of the delivery of keys and review of the room to the student is when the deposit is paid.

Once the apartment is left, the first week of August the deposit is returned after verifying that everything is in the same state in which it was delivered.

At the beginning of the rental the student will pay a deposit or deposit to cover any damage.

In case the damage occurs in the student’s room, it will be directly deducted from your deposit.

In case the damage occurs in the common areas, if the cause of it has been identified, it will be deducted from your deposit, and in case it is not identified, it will be deducted in proportional parts of the deposit of all students.

In case a student has to leave the flat before the end date, different circumstances may occur:

  • If the student looks for another student to replace him after his departure, he will be responsible for showing the floor to him, cleaning the room and bedding and handing over keys to the new student. In this way your deposit will be returned.
  • In the event that the student leaves the room without having a substitute, he will lose the deposit in full. This is due to the costs that will be incurred for the search of the new student on the internet platforms and the time that will pass without renting the room until the new student is found.

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