Faculties and study centres of the UGR

  The University of Granada is divided into 5 university campuses spread throughout the city. Our apartments have a privileged location due to their proximity to each of them:

Campus de Cartuja

It has its access through the Paseo de Cartuja. Its educational centers are distributed in the vicinity of the old monastery of the Assumption, better known as the Cartuja de Granada, and are: Our Cartuja apartment is located just 15 minutes walk from the Cartuja Campus, being one of the closest floors to that location.

Center Campus

It is an urban campus, whose centers are distributed throughout different parts of the center of the city of Granada. The following faculties are located on this campus: Our apartment in the Center of the Center of Granada is between 2 and 5 minutes walk from all these faculties that are scattered throughout the center of the city.

Campus de Fuentenueva

Also called Science Campus. It is located on Doctor Severo Ochoa Street, near the Granada Train Station, also having access by the Camino de Ronda, through Gonzalo Gallas Street. The centers that compose it are: Scientific research centres are also located on the Fuentenueva Campus, as well as sports and leisure facilities. It is crossed by the well-known University Park of Fuentenueva, which communicates in a straight line the Camino de Ronda with the city center. The Fuentenueva Campus is home to one of the Granada Metro stops. Our apartment in the Center of the Center of Granada is located just 12 minutes walk from this Campus.

Campus de Aynadamar

It is located in the Cerrillo neighborhood of Maracena, on the outskirts of the city. What makes it an area not very suitable for living: The fastest way to get to this campus from our apartments is using the U1 urban bus line from our Cartuja apartment and the N3 and the urban metro line from our downtown apartment

Health Sciences Campus

It is integrated into the Health Sciences Technology Park, a complex located on the outskirts of the capital of Granada. It is an innovative technological space specialized in the research and development of pharmaceutical, biosanitary and agri-food industries, currently having more than twelve operational research centers and almost a hundred companies and institutions. In this campus are located the centers that teach the studies of health sciences and are: Soon the Faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry will move to this campus. Currently it is not possible to live in this area, so we recommend getting to this campus from our apartments using the U3 urban bus line and the urban metro line from our Cartuja apartment and the SN4 from our downtown apartment

Location of our downtown apartment 

Location of our apartment on the Cartuja Campus

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